When the engine work, the fuel under the fuel pump effect, through inlet pipe enters the filter sediment cup. Since at this time the volume of the fuel increases, the flow rate becomes small, the weight ratio of water and oil particles will precipitate impurities in the bottom of the cup, with the impurities in the fuel flow to the light filter, and clean the filter from the inside of the pores penetrated filter, and then flowing through the tubing. There are two types of porous ceramic filter and papery. Paper filter treated by a resin made from microporous filter, high filtration efficiency, low cost, easy to replace, so widely used. Fuel filter has a carburetor and EFI points, using a carburetor gasoline engines, gasoline pump inlet side of the filter is located, work less stressful, generally use nylon shell, EFI engine gasoline pump filter is located in the port side, higher working pressure, usually metal. Fuel filter cartridge to use more paper, but also the use of nylon fabric, polymer materials.



filter paper: oil filter for more demanding than air filter, mainly due to changes in the oil temperature ranging from 0 to 300 degrees, at severe temperature fluctuations, the concentration of oil also changes accordingly, this It will affect the oil filter traffic. Quality oil filter paper to be able to at severe temperature changes, filter impurities, while ensuring adequate flow. rubber ring: high-quality oil filter seal with a special synthetic rubber to ensure 100 percent no leakage. reflux suppression valve: Only the quality of the oil filter is qualified. When the engine is stalled, it can prevent the oil filter to dry; when the engine re-ignition, it immediately generates pressure supply oil to lubricate the engine. (Also known as a check valve) relief: Only high-quality oil filter in only possess. When the external temperature is lowered to a certain value or when the oil filter beyond the normal period of use, the relief valve will open under special pressure, allowing unfiltered oil flows directly into the engine. Although a result, the oil together with the impurities into the engine, but compared to the damage caused by the engine oil is not in terms of such damage is much smaller. So relief is critical to protect the engine in case of emergency. (Also known as bypass valve)



Common type of air filter can only be up suppression of dust and particles into the role of activated carbon air filter, it will be able to choke the physical properties of air through the very short period of time in the use of granular activated carbon itself, adsorption air other small things and more harmful substances. So do the comparison, the effect of activated carbon air filter filters a lot better than the average. Air filter replacement time and replacement cycle is generally 8000-10000 km to cars, but also according to the traffic of the external environment to be, if the ambient humidity contrast large, perennial dry climate, wind, should be replaced in advance.



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