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Acronym fuel filter. Fuel filter has a carburetor and EFI points, using a carburetor gasoline engines, gasoline pump inlet side of the filter is located, work less stressful, generally use nylon shell, EFI engine gasoline pump filter is located in the port side, higher working pressure, usually metal. Fuel filter cartridge to use more paper, but also the use of nylon cloth, fuel filter main functional polymer materials are filtered gasoline impurities. If the fuel filter is too dirty or clogged. Wire filter Fuel Filter: fuel filter fuel filter in such internal connections in both ends folded filter paper and plastic or metal filter, after entering the waste oil from the outer wall of the filter through the layers of filter paper after reach the center, clean fuel outflow.


Also known as oil grid. Used to remove oil dust, metal particles, carbon deposits and soot particles and other impurities, protect the engine. There are full-flow oil filter and Split points. Full-flow filters in series between the oil pump and the main road, so they can enter all the lubricating oil filtration main oil channel. Split clear parallel with the main oil filter is only part of the lubricating oil pump sent. Engine operation, the metal debris, dust, soot and gum precipitate is oxidized at high temperatures, water constantly mixed lubricants. The role of the oil filter is to filter out these mechanical impurities and resins, lubricants Paul to be clean and prolong its useful life. Oil filter should have filtration capacity, small flow resistance, long life and other properties. General lubrication system installed with a few different filtration capacity of the filter - strainer, strainer and fine filters, are connected in parallel or in series in the main oil passage. (With the main oil series called full-flow filter, lubricating oil filter filtration through all the engine work; in parallel with call diverting filter). A series in which the strainer in the main oil path for the whole flow; fine filter in parallel with the main oil passage, in order to Split. Modern car engine generally only has set a full-flow filter and oil filter. The oil strainer to filter out impurities in the particle size of 0.05mm or more, fine filter is used to filter out the fine particle size of 0.001mm or more impurities.


It is clear the air of particulate impurities means. Piston machines (internal combustion, reciprocating compressors, etc.) work, if the intake air containing dust and other impurities will be increased wear and tear parts, it must be fitted with an air filter. Air filter cartridge and the housing consists of two components. The main requirement of the air filter is high filtration efficiency, low flow resistance, can be used continuously for a long time without maintenance. Air filter (Air Cleaner) is mainly used in pneumatic machinery, diesel machinery and other fields, the role is to provide clean air for these machinery and equipment, machinery and equipment to prevent inhalation of air with these foreign particles in the workplace and increase erosion and damage The chances. The main part of the air cleaner filter and the casing, wherein the filter cartridge is the main part, are responsible for filtering the working gas, and the cabinet is to provide the necessary protection for the external structure of the filter. Air cleaner job requirement is to assume high-efficiency air filtration work, does not increase too much resistance to air flow, and can work continuously for a long time. It also has varying degrees of application in the hydraulic machinery, hydraulic systems, mainly used to adjust the pressure of the hydraulic system of internal and external tank is poor.


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