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After the reform and opening up, China's auto industry has developed rapidly, and has become a pillar industry, is considered the greatest potential for the next few years the development of the market. In 2009, car sales were 13,791,000 and 13,644,800, an increase of 48.30% and 46.15%. The first half of 2010, China's auto market is still showing rapid growth momentum, internal combustion engines and auto parts, must keep pace with the simultaneous development of vehicle production, to maintain sustainable development.

Over the years, various parts enterprises only pay attention to the introduction of products, generic products, not the core technology in the digestion, absorption, innovation efforts, the lack of design capability and product innovation. Compared with developed countries, the technology gap is very obvious, parts production scattered, relatively low degree of specialization, lack of motivation for sustainable development. Parts industry development seriously lagging behind in the vehicle. So the development of parts of the industry, now must attach great importance to mention height, we are required parts production enterprise technology research and development, innovation must keep up with the pace of vehicle development. Parts industry must have a number of strong backbone enterprises and brand-name products, to accelerate the development and construction of parts and components industry, in order to meet the needs of China's auto industry, international OEM and aftermarket. Our company after five ears of development, we deeply understand that innovation is the driving force of sustainable development, our company has always been to technological innovation as a business development plan of priority.

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