Distinguished guests, dear employees and friends,

Good afternoon everyone!Flowers, smiling Italy, firecrackers by cheers, in such a festive holiday, we brought together here to celebrate the arrival of the new year 2016. On the occasion of the festive season, I on behalf of the leadership, to all employees and support our new and old friends, to extend New Year greetings and blessings, I wish everyone in the new year, good health, success in work, good luck!
In the last 2015, as the company's start-up phase, we are faced with difficulties, competitive external markets, internal equipment shortages have caused our proudly Victoria Kennedy, but all of our employees to tightly hold together, stick our own ideals and beliefs, with our perseverance, and not afraid of hard, unyielding style of work, under the support and cooperation of old and new friends, or get a bumper harvest of 2015! We exceeded the annual plan for the company to open the market door, and this is our victory, I am proud of the staff, and to support and cooperate with all our friends to extend my highest respect!
2016 new year, new weather, there is a new journey. Our future is bright, is gratifying. Spring beat the drums, sounded the horn in! We desire to write today, listening to the cause of the whistle sounded, and the motherland of stroke together on tomorrow's runway! No matter how much sweat can flow, is not afraid to shed a lot of blood, we In today engraved ideal of life, and to that end the struggle in the end!
Finally, once again I wish all the staff, guests Happy New Year, family happiness!

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