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The basic principle of safety production

1. The principle of "people-oriented"

Requirements in the process of production, must insist on the principle of "people-oriented". In all production and security relationship, put safety first, safety must be in the first place. Must analyze hazards in advance, to predict and evaluate the dangerous and harmful factors, master the regular pattern of danger and change, the corresponding preventive measures are taken, the dangerous and safe hidden trouble of the bud.

2. "who supervises, who is responsible for" principle

The importance of safety in production requires the director must also be responsible, to fully implement safety production responsibility.

3. "tube production must tube safety" principle

Refers to the project leaders at all levels and all employees must adhere to in the process of production in production at the same time pay special attention to the safety work. He realized the unity of safety and production, the production and safety is an organic whole, the two indivisible cannot oppose more should be safety in production.

4. The principle of "safety has veto power"

Refers to the work safety in production is a common measure of project management basic content, it requires, the assessment of the indicators (pioneer must first consider the safety indexes of completion. Does not implement safety index, even if the other indicators is completed, still can't realize optimization of the project, security has a veto.

5. The "three simultaneity" principle

Basic construction project occupational safety and health in the technology and environmental protection measures and facilities, shall be designed, built, together with the principal part of the project put into use of the legal system.

6. The "four pass" principle

The cause of the accident did not find out don't pass, party and the masses are not education, malpractice not subjected to deal with, not to develop practical and feasible prevention measures. "Four pass" support is based on the principle of the state council on catastrophic accidents the regulation of administrative responsibility "(state council order no. 302) 6, the principle of" three simultaneous "safety production and economic construction, deepening reform, technology reform synchronization, synchronization, the implementation of planning, synchronous development.

7. The principle of five at the same time

The production of the enterprise organization and the leader in the planning, layout, check, summary, comparison of production work at the same time, at the same time plan, layout, check, summary, comparison security work.

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